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Welcome to Page 2. Below you will find all of the presentations for my Spanish II classes, my AP class, and various other miscellaneous presentations, some contributed by other teachers. As always, please feel free to download them, change them, use them, etc. Downloading is easy. In Internet Explorer, right-click the link, and then choose "save target as" to save a copy to your own computer. In Netscape, right-click, and choose "save link as" to do the same. If you do download and use them, please drop me a note to let me know. Have fun!!

Download the PowerPoint Viewer here!

El Presente Progresivo      The present progressive verb form, including the use of estar and the gerund, as well as some irregular gerunds forms. (691kb)
El Pretérito Regular      This presentation covers the formation and use of the regular preterite tense. It also includes an explanation of "-car / -gar / -zar" verbs in the preterite. (443kb)
Los Reflexivos      The reflexives can be a bit confusing. This presentation summarizes the major points on conjugating and usinf the reflexive verbs. (322kb)
El Subjuntivo      This one is a complete review of the Subjunctive verb tense in Spanish. It covers noun, adjective, adverb, and conditional clauses, as well as the sequence of tenses. (751kb)
El Examen de A.P.      I created this one as an overview of the Advanced Placement Exam in Spanish Language. It covers all of the parts of the exam, including examples of each type of question. It also includes time limits as well as a breakdown of the grading of the exam. (594kb)
Los Ensayos de A.P.      This one briefly explains the basics of the essay on the A.P. exam. It inclludes some tips and hints, as well as some good vocabulary expressions. (277kb)
Más Ser y Estar      This presentation by Leni Bronstein also offers several excellent examples to illustrate the difference between these 2 verbs. (147kb)
Comparativos y Superlativos      Another presentation by Leni Bronstein. This one deals with the comparatives and superlatives, usually a difficult topic. (261kb)
La Comida      O.K., this one is not mine. It's a presentation on food vocabulary done by Janel Brennan. Check out her page here. The whole presentation is 43 slides (694kb).
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire      Single slide presentation created by Christine Stanley. (38kb)
L’ART ET L’ARCHITECTURE ROMANS      This one is actually not not for use in the Spanish class. It is a presentation by Bev larson based on the art and architecture of France. You can view the presentation online or download the source .ppt file. File size is unknown.

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